FETHİ BEY, the hero of the project graduated from Naval School in 1907. To further in his career field, he was at Great Britain in Bristol Airplane Factory. After successfully compleating his training, there he was promoted to Captain upon his arrival. In Istanbul he performed airshows for certain period of time.

Fethi Bey and his assistant Sadık Bey started to prepare for long journey, by the planeBLERIOT XI/B called MUAVENET-İ MİLLİYE, and Nuri Bey and his assistant İsmail Hakkı Bey DEPERDUSSIN type plane named PRENS CELALETTİN. The destination was the same for those two planes took of from Istanbul in 1913 with the wish of everybodies good luck; it was to succeed a long air journey passing over Eskişehir, Konya, Ulukışla, Adana, Humus, Damascus and finaly Alexandria.

Having extremely bad weather conditions forced them discontinue their mission. Fethi and Sadık Bey had an excellent flight up to Damascus. After that they proceeded with some other arrival points. Unfortunatelly, their plane crashed nearby Shimiriye, Taberiye. Both of them died in that crash. Nuri Bey and his assistant Hakkı proceeded with their flight plan. But this team also had a crush and Nuri Bey died Ismail Hakkı survived.

The death of three pilots who were performing the Journey of Cairo, brought saddness to the whole country, where they become subject to poets and culturel songs. For the comemoration of the three pilots burried in Damascus, there was also a monument erected at Fatih Park, Istanbul.

After this event, a third BLERIOT XI started for the same journey from Çanakkale. But this one crashed around Edremit Balıkesir. The mayor of Edremit Yazıcızade İsmail Hakkı Bey leads the people of Edremit to collect money to buy a fourth plane to complete the flight. The fourth plane named "Edremit" compleates the journey of Fethi Bey and his friends. BLERIOT XI was brought to Beirut and the flight was completed accordingly with the original flight plan.

1. Istanbul-Eskisehir
2. Eskisehir-Afyon
3. Afyon-Konya
4. Konya-Ulukısla
5. Ulukısla-Adana
6. Adana-Halep
7. Halep-Humus
8. Humus-Beyrut
9. Beyrut-Sam
10. Sam-Jarussalem
11. Jarussalem-El Aris
12. El Aris-Port Said
13. Port Said-Kahire
14. Kahire-Alexandria
15. Alexandria-Istanbul